Like Yoga Without the Work!

I like yoga and I like massages so my friend Emily suggested a thai massage Newcastle as a birthday gift. Emily said to dress like I would for yoga and that I would be keeping my clothes on during the massage. When I arrived, my therapist introduced herself and explained just how this type of massage works. She would manipulate my body into different poses while using pressure to massage. Instead of a massage table, I would lie on a mat.

My therapist explained each pose in a soothing voice. I allowed her skillful hands and rhythmic pressure to do the work for me. The passivity gave my mind more opportunity to be calm and focused.

When my session was over, I was as energized as if I’d practiced yoga, but my mind was more relaxed. Emily’s gift is defintely one of the best presents I have ever received.

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Imaginary World

Writing children stories, fairy tales or poetry is a great way to create the imagination. To be able to go into imaginary worlds and leave the technical world behind with all of the technical support, buttons, wires and knobs. To imagine everything that has been written down in the imaginary world is stored in the imaginary vault and will be saved forever.

One day an unimaginative person entered into our imaginary world and brought with him what was called NCR pads. We wondered if they would work in our imaginary world where there were no technical apparatuses at all. Looking at them very closely we decided that we could use them in our imaginary world. We made them all different colors and sizes and we put all different kinds of words on them. We put them into our imaginary vault to keep safe.

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Expanding Income

It took me many years to be able to open my own business. I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into. I worked in a medical office for six years doing medical billing and didn’t make that much money. One day, I decided to start looking into starting my own business and work for myself.

I filled out all of my paperwork for my business license and started making my spare room into an office. Of course, I had to paint with vivid colors because I would be spending most of my days there. It was fun shopping for my new desk, shelves, printers Manchester, phones and office supplies. I already had started picking up my clientele, so that when my paperwork came back I would be able to start working. Since I have started my business, I am living very well making a great income. The best part is that I am my own boss and can take days off when I want to!

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My Favorite Things To Do

I am very busy. If there were 30 hours in a day, then I still would not finish half of the things that I needed to do. I work full-time, which is sometimes more than 40 hours per week. I am also married with four children. However, despite the fact that I am very busy, I still make time to do the things that I want to do. I feel like taking time out to yourself is an important for maintaining your sanity.

When I get free time, I love to go jogging. I also enjoy reading and making crafts. When I have the funds, I get a Thai massage Manchester because I find it to be very relaxing. Additionally, I occasionally take a weekend trip with a few of my friends.

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Advancing In Life

Most people fear old age but I did not;old age has many perks, the only thing I do not like is wearing a hearing aids Macclesfield. One perk is retirement, I love my career, but I also love that I can now rest after 30 years of teaching. Now I take cruises and road trips when ever I want to. Another thing that I like about old age less stress. I see young people working like dogs to acheive the “American Dream”, I already did. The best thing that old age has to offer is simplicity, I sold my house and downsized, I am a empty nester so I do not need all the space.

In closing, old age is nothing to fear, embrace and deal with as the decades draw near. Enjoy your free time and travel or volunteer, you will enjoy it, I did.

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A Fun Filled Visit

After months of planning and preparing to go to Singapore I was finally on my way for two weeks of fun and adventure in another country. When I arrived I went right to the Singapore hotels to check into my room and unpack. My room was very spacious, clean, affordable and the staff was very friendly.

My first visit was to the Wave House Sentosa to hit some waves, I could not believe I was actually riding 10 foot waves. Later that night I ordered room service and was off to the Avalon club for some drinks. I did some shopping for the next couple days and then visited the Maritime Experimental Museum and Aquarium. After two fun filled weeks I was ready to go home and relax, I will definitely be making arrangements to visit Singapore next year.

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Our Sparkling Recessional

My fiance and I thought it would be great idea to use fireworks at our wedding. We had seen the pictures of people using the sparklers during the recessional and were really excited to ignite our life together surrounded by those shooting magical sparks.

When it came time to walk out to our limo, everything was just a blur. We had our ushers pass out the wedding fireworks and everything was set. My new husband and I walked out and were met with our hundred guests all holding sparklers. The smell of the burning hit us and it was not very pleasant. As we walked hand in hand smiling, I felt a burning on my foot. One of my cousin’s little girls had gotten her hands on the sparklers and had dropped it right as I walked past. It singed the bottom of my dress and my foot! Ouch!

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The real New Castle in Newcastle

The New Castle that gave the city of Newcastle upon Tyne its name was built around 1080. That structure has vanished into the mists of time but parts of the castle that succeeded it are still there and are open to visitors.

The square stone Castle Keep was built in the latter half of the twelfth century. The thirteenth century Black Gate had all the appurtenences we associate with castle gates: a drawbridge, a portcullis and towers on either side from which defenders could harass unwanted visitors. In later years the castle fell on hard times, reaching its nadir in the nineteenth century when the gate was used as a slum tenement and the construction of railway viaduct obliterated most of the castle.

The remnant of the castle has been restored and is open to visitors. Its history, the view from the battlements and the ghost stories told about it make it a worthwhile destination for Newcastle visitors. If you would like to stay the night, there are a number of convenient Premier Inn hotels in Newcastle to stay at.

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